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  1. Sandra Gaskill says:

    Thank you. I’m eager to see #2&3. I have traded options in the past, by the “seat of my pants” with mostly luck I’m sure. No spreads though, just covered calls and selling naked puts. I know I need a system to limit my risk and this sounds like it.

  2. Bill says:

    Hi Bill!
    I never hear about weekly put and call’s, I know a little regular put and call options
    Any way you are great, the way you are teaching is clear and simple keep up your good work
    I am glad I join you and your team. soon I will be able to trade for real.
    I thank You very much

  3. Eric Williams says:

    Just starting out want to say thx

  4. Stan says:

    Love how you explain option strategies
    Best presentation on Internet

  5. Glenda Cantrell says:

    Sounds good

  6. Cyril Kimbrough says:

    Way to go I need your help.

  7. Mike Peters says:

    I am currently using your OIE. The credit spread strategy would seem a good idea. I am looking forward to learning more about it.

  8. Bob says:

    Hi Bill,
    Very interesting video but I have no idea what options trading is all about…been trading forex all this while rather inconsistently. Would like to try weekly options with your help but how much do I need as capital? Rgds

    • Bill Poulos says:

      You can get started with as little as a $2,000 account.

  9. James says:

    You made that very easy to understand. What sort of money do you need in your account to get started? What software platform would be good for lower commissions or ease of use?

    • Bill Poulos says:

      You can get started with as little as a $2,000 account.

      You must use a good online discount broker to minimize commissions, some offer as low as $1 per option contract.

      While we cannot recommend or endorse specific brokers, there are several good, online brokers, that many of our students use, for you to consider, such as optionsXpress, OptionsHouse, Trade King, Trade Station, etc. A good discount broker that many of our international students use is Interactive Brokers.

  10. fra says:


  11. johann says:

    thanks for the help

  12. Cindy Lai says:

    Interested in the weekly option trade program. What is the cost?

  13. Vahan K says:

    The most comprehensive, beautifully illustrated presentation of the vertical credit spread you will find anywhere!

  14. Joe Fallacara says:

    I have been selling Puts for about one year and have had limited success. I am looking forward to your training and learning more about option trading.

  15. Walter says:

    If Senerio 4 (I think) happens and The stock is trading between 62.5 and 60 on expiration Friday, you should Buy to Close the 62.50 Put, Right? What happens if you are unable to access your account on that Friday?
    Love the concept of this.program.

    • Bill Poulos says:

      Correct (it’s scenario 3). If you cannot access your account that Friday, then the broker will assign you the stock at the strike price over the weekend. In which case you would simply sell the stock on the open on Monday and you are out of the trade.

  16. Bob Kennedy says:

    You make it sound easy.

  17. dorothy says:

    I really like this way of trading so far. I just need more information

  18. Stephen says:


  19. Ray Clarke says:

    Many thanks, it will be very useful, I’m sure.

  20. gerr says:

    love it. But, can you also teach how to repair the trade without closing at a loss?

    • Bill Poulos says:

      Usually not a good idea due to the very short life of these weekly options.

  21. Steve Shape says:

    Aren’t weekly options extremely dangerous? There is no reasonable time to adjust the position if it starts to go against you, and if you take a full loss, it puts you in the hole very quickly, right? How do you assure you limit the risk of taking a full loss in one out of every 10 trades that you win (in much smaller amounts) putting you in the hole over all?

    Thank you in advance for your response, so I can fully evaluate the service.

    • Bill Poulos says:

      That is all true if you do not have an edge in selecting the trades. For the reason you state, we teach an exit strategy that aims at avoiding a maximum loss scenario.

  22. Todd LinK says:

    Very good info on how to do credit Spreads.. Thanks Bill I am looking forward to your second video..


  23. Don says:

    Good stuff, where do you find the weekly options.

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